Monday, September 14, 2009

The zero returns

While I try to post a blog entry once a week (mostly for myself), sometimes that doesn't happen. So what have I been up to? I've been turning old.

Some brothers take their brothers out to do crazy adventures for a 30th birthday. RDM, JNM and I drove down to Austin. I'm not complaining; it was my idea for my brothers to visit me in Texas. I don't think any one of us was up for swimming in frigid Swedish waters. Maybe someday.

And Austin was plenty crazy with the first UT home game and all. Of course, we ended up picking the one bar that wasn't showing the game ("I wonder why no one's in here?"). But we did see some bats and my brothers learned some Texas history (and the girl working the ticket center at the Texas History Museum was a student from Sweden, so in a way, we were connected to the crazy race around the islands near Stockholm... yeah...).

So my brothers got to see our little area of Texas. They saw some flash flooding, some authentic cowboy boots (and cowboys) and some UT coeds. They had authentic Tex-Mex and both had a breakfast taco for the first time (I don't quite understand that one -- they exist in NYC too).

We spent about half the long weekend in Austin and half in San Angelo. On Labor Day we went for a walk in our local state park. These aren't the most fascinating pictures, but I wanted to capture the fact that both RDM and JNM were in Texas with me at the same time.

Here's RDM and JNM searching for the elusive San Angelo elevation change. It's out there, you just need to look for it.

And here are my brothers walking away, shortly before Joe imploded in the sun/heat (it's not just me!).