Thursday, April 10, 2008

Legs of lead, patience of a llama

No, those aren't my superpowers.

I had a longish run in Texas on Sunday afternoon. It wasn't anything more than I've done over the last few weeks, and in fact, I ran it deliberately slower than usual because of the heat -- 86 degrees. Since that run, my legs have felt like garbage. I don't think I've ever thought about how significant the heat can affect your (my) body. I've run in high temps before, but it's always been after a summer of getting used to the weather. My last run before Sunday was 40 degrees in NJ. There's a lesson in here somewhere, although I suspect it's not: "Don't run in Texas."

I'm sure the flight back to NJ that I took almost immediately after didn't help.

As for the patience of a llama (I don't actually know if llamas are patient, but work with me here) -- I arrived in San Angelo 36 hours after I was originally supposed to. And Hannah had to drive to Austin to pick me up. All this was before the recent wave of American cancellations. Basically, AA blew it, but I'm optimistic they can reaffirm my faith in their airline. I have another four flights booked with them; we'll see if I have a fifth.

I've got The North Face Endurance Challenge this weekend. Looks to be rainy and hard. Here's the elevation profile. At least my lead legs will help me get downhill faster.

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