Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes things just suck

I know some of you read Fat Cyclist. If you don't, it's worth heading over there now.

It's hard to understand a range of emotions you can feel for someone you don't even really know, but learn more about every day. The few random blogs I read are my Access Hollywood; I'm more interested and involved in the goings-on of these people than the celebrities I'm told to care about.

It's times like these I remember I'm only a competent writer, not a good writer. If you want to read some good writing about this, go over to Up in Alaska and read Jill's latest post.

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Kand3Js said...

I've been reading Fat Cyclist for about six months now, after randomly clicking the link on your site one day. Thanks for the "introduction." I am totally invested in Elden and Susan and their family.