Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...and that's why I wear a helmet

I know I've been lacking in my blog posting. I'm hoping to turn that around soon.

I crashed on my bike today. I came around a turn to find the entire lane covered in gravel (at least half an inch deep). I'm not particularly good at bike-handling on smooth roads, so you can imagine the challenge I faced when the smooth road stopped being road. I think I stayed upright for about three seconds before my bike came out from under me.

There's a quarry nearby, so I suspect that one of the trucks didn't have its tailgate locked. The gravel was just dumped for about 10 feet.

Short summary: Nothing's broken (on me or my bike). My homemade energy bars made for a nice cushion, but my right forearm is a little gross. I have some exciting bruising to look forward to as well.

I have a race this weekend and depending on how much it hurts my arm when I'm in the aero position on my tri bike, I may end up riding my road bike instead. So now I've got a built-in excuse in case I don't race well. And if I do race well, I've got a built-in reason for gloating.

On the plus side, my helmet works!

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