Monday, July 09, 2007

2006 Races - Musselman Half

I raced two long races in 2006 – both half ironmans (ironmen?). My plan was to take two years to build up to another IM in 2007.

Naturally, I can only find pictures from what was supposed to be my “A” race for the year, not the first one (at which I performed much better) -- Musselman in Geneva, NY. Thank RDM for taking these.

Since the IMWI posts were so long, I’ll keep this brief. Hannah and my brother came up to watch. Basically, I was having a really good race, right up until about mile 40 on the bike. I was actually passing people on the bike AND not too many folks were passing me. It looked like I might do really well (relative to past performance).

In fact, I remember thinking that exact thing right before I crashed. The crash was pretty bad, but not as bad as it could have been. I was banged up but nothing was broken. My bike was banged up but nothing was broken. I thought my race was over and while waiting for the neutral race support van to come by, I figured I’d have a go at trying to get my bike working again. After about 20 minutes, everything was somewhat functional, the van hadn’t come by yet and I was only 16 miles from the bike finish, so I rode in.

Coming into transition, it occurred to me that I was pretty lucky that I hadn’t broken anything and I had done a decent amount of work to get fit for the race, so why not go out for the run and see what happens.

I came across RDM and Hannah a mile or so outside of transition. Here I am pointing out my various bloody parts.

And here's me applauding for some reason. Yay!

RDM likes to take pictures of old people on benches. I don't know why.
Old people.

Old people.

Ahhh! Runner!

Old people.

I ended the day with an okay run, some road rash, some cuts and a nasty hematoma on my inner left leg that made walking a real pain for about a month. On the plus side, I got to treat myself to a sharp looking new helmet. If you're in the mood for grossness, here's a picture of the hematoma two days after the race.

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