Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Retrospective

So, with Ironman Lake Placid coming up, I thought I'd do a series of photo retrospectives from some of my "racing" highlights. Actually, I was going through the old iPhoto and figured I'd throw up some of the races that I have digital pictures from. Fine way to start this thing off.

My first half iron - Tupper Lake Tinman '04. Pretty sloooowww. But I finished. For some reason, the only shots of me are of the run. Which is odd, because Hannah took one of my favorite race pictures of me in T1 having a nice sit. Ah well, you don't get to see that. You'll have to come over and visit. It's framed (seriously).

This is me starting the run. Note, there are other competitors nearby. Also note, I never saw these two dudes again for the rest of the race.

And here's the "run" finish. There was a fair bit of walking in there, even as recent as 1000yds previous. But you can always muster something for the end, right?

And here's me looking in the direction of my watch after the race is over. However, I'm not actually reading the time on my watch. If you asked me at that instant what my race time was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. One of my quirks is the compulsion to stare at my watch for the 30 minutes or so after a race. I think its a reflex after checking it (what seems like) every minute on the race course. I've taken to removing my watch in the minutes immediately following a long race. I tell people that ask that my wrist is hot.

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