Sunday, March 30, 2008

Walkin' in Texas

Last weekend I flew down to Austin and met Hannah for a short visit. I got in Friday night around 11:00, we went for a hike on Saturday at one of the state parks about 70 miles outside Austin, then I flew out early Sunday morning.

The hike was the mental refresher we both needed. It was strenuous enough that we got a little workout in, but mostly it was good because we had an uninterrupted day (~19 miles) with no real agenda other than walking.

Despite being on a route that follows a lake shore, we only saw the lake for a tiny bit -- mostly just trees and brush. We were a little uninspired by the scenery, so we didn't take many pictures.

Those pictures that we did take... ummm... I'll leave it up to you to judge their quality.

Derrr... What's that up in the sky? A bird? A plane? A plane-shaped bird?

No! It's Hannah doing her best superhero pose!

Seriously, those are the best of the bunch. I blame our new camera.

Well, at least one of them came out okay:

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