Friday, July 31, 2009

Number 3

Since most of the folks who read this blog aren't too interested in the gritty details, I'll keep it short.

Ironman Lake Placid went very well for me overall. After a series of injuries earlier this year (all self-inflicted), I was unsure of my true fitness. Now that the event is over, I can easily say I'm far and away much fitter than two years ago.

I made some mistakes during the day that hindered my ability to have a great run, but despite some rough patches, I still pulled out a PR. I knew halfway through the bike that sub-12 hours wasn't going to happen, but that didn't really get me down at all. I did what I could with what I had on the day.

You can see some photos on RDM's site. I might need to go with a crewcut next time, the spastic hair isn't too photogenic. But then again, neither were my facial expressions.

On a revelatory note, Hannah informed me that I'm not very enthusiastic to see my supporters during the run. Up until being told this information, I would have sworn that I stick my hand up and excitedly wave and smile as I run past. In fact, I have a distinct memory of doing so to Hannah and her parents when I came into the Olympic oval for the finish. Hannah's folks corroborated her story that I barely acknowledged them. Clearly there's some neurological disconnect going on here.

Thanks to everyone who came to watch: Hannah, my parents, RDM, JNM, significant others, Hannah's folks, as well as my college friends Trevor and Diana, and, of course, the other 50+ people that were there only for me. Also, thanks to Gordo at Endurance Corner -- I've learned a lot this year and I'm looking forward to what's coming up.

EDIT: Somehow in my early thanking, I left out the two folks that traveled the farthest to watch me: my aunt Robin and uncle Bob. Whoops! I blame the leg cramps on the run for that oversight.


RDM said...

Regarding your acknowledgement of your fans: I beg to differ and my photos prove it. You looked me in the eye (or lens) and even waved on the bike.

Did you give everyone in your entourage high fives? No. Did other people? Yes. Did those people who, in my opinion, stopped and "worked the crowd" finish sub 13? NO.

We are proud of you and got our reward seeing you finish and still able to move. Do Baseball players wave at the crowd during the game? No, that's what the mascott is for.

I think Billy Joel said it best when he said, "One more drink? Sure I can still drive." No, wait... I mean when he said, "Don't go changin'..."

The other brother said...

Photos prove I waved on the bike, not the run ;-)

Kand3Js said...

Well, I would've been crawling by the time I got to the run (if I even made it that far) and, thus, would have been unable to lift any appendage in acknowledgement. So, in my opinion, the fact that you even slightly elevated your hand during the run -- even if not accompanied by a ginormous smile and enthusiastic wave -- is nothing short of miraculous!

In all seriousness, congratulations! I think it's awesome that you do these races and that each one has bested the one before it. Someday the Mercer arm of your entourage will cheer you on at one of these days of torture... until then, we'll follow along on RDM's twitters and flikr albums.

Gordo Byrn said...

I tend to wave on the "inside"...


Do I get the long version via email...


Joe said...

I have to agree with Hannah here - the overall impression of watching the run was, I imagine, comparable to watching you do the Bataan Death march, only without the march, death, or Imperial Japanese forcing you to do it.
That said, you've never been overly emotive when deeply engrossed in your activity, whether an athletic competition or performance (stage or musically), so I didn't expect you to chat on the way by.
I suppose we could arrange a mascot. Even a mascot named Scott. He'd do everything right by your side, and amp up the crowd so you don't have to!

Vince said...

I knew if I hunted long enough on EC that I would find this page to read your blog entry on LP.

Nice work and congrats on the PR!