Saturday, March 20, 2010


I ended my last post talking about me being inefficient in my days. Some things you should understand about me:

  • My natural inclination is to lay around on the couch and be bored.

  • If I don't keep structure in my life, I default to #1. I don't need or want concrete structure -- chicken wire is probably fine. I just need some general daily boundaries that I can adjust if need be.

  • The TV and computer are a huge time-suck for me. Last year I weaned myself off TV. I'm not as good as I used to be, but even now, I only watch it at night and occasionally on weekends. On the other hand, the computer is where I waste a ton of my time. I went through a period earlier this year where I essentially stopped using the computer at home. That did wonders for my studying, but led to two problems:
    • I became incredibly boring. Since my access to news was Internet-based, removing the Internet from my life left me completely oblivious to the world outside of San Angelo.
    • I still had work (both school and other) that I needed to do on the computer -- that made me even more inefficient since I would deliberately make trips to the university to do online work there.

So, I've gone about building my chicken wire weekly life. Since Hannah has to get up for work, I get up with her. Three days a week that's because I have an 8 am class. The other two days it's easier to keep with the same routine. My studying and training are coming along nicely -- I have a pretty good schedule that I maintain. It's flexible enough that I can swap some time between the two on any given day and still feel like I'm getting the work done that I need to get done. Housework is about 70% to where I need it to be (Hannah may tell you it's at 25% where I need it to be, so I'm still working on that one).

As far as avoiding my giant time-waster -- the computer -- I still struggle. I'm good when I have a specific task to accomplish. I'm not so good when I've got some free time and I think, "Oh, I'll just check my e-mail or Facebook." Two hours later, when I'm watching some weird video on YouTube, I'll realize I just lost a chunk of my day just so I could wind up seeing David go to the dentist again. So, I'll take any tips on not letting my day get swallowed up by random web surfing.

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Angela said...

Ahh - procrasination. If you are looking for new ways to appear busy as you are doing absolutly nothing but hoping osmosis works (I sleep with my comp notes just in case it works) I have several sure fire strategies.

1. Clean - you feel as though you have accomplished something without actually having to learn anything

2. E-mail - my sister, and several close friends are probably close to blocking my e-mail. I find things on the internet that I might interst them - then share it with them accompanied by my ramblings

3. Register - now you may already be married but it is always nice to pick out new things you would enjoy and make life easier for anyone who would like to positively reinforce negative behaviors.

4. My personal favorite - procrasinate to the point where you call your brother in law in a panic begging him to drop everything and proofread your paper. As it is quite clear I have no idea where commas go. (Oh and on a side note - Nick, evil Phyllis wants me to teach those kids about independent clauses - umm, yea - that might not go well)

5. Instead of studying for comps - respond to a blog - something you would never do unless you were avoiding reading for the 1053rd time about Rosenblatt and the efferent and aesthetic stances of reading

Have Fun Learning!!!