Friday, November 16, 2007

Returnin' to Bergen

With Hannah in Texas, we've said goodbye to our very nice, very happy, first (condo/town)house.

***Imagine a picture of our very nice, very happy, first (condo/town)house here. Until Verizon gets my DSL straightened out, there won't be any pictures.***

I'm temporarily moving back to my favorite little county in NJ - Bergen. What I suppose is more amusing is that I'm moving back to the exact same apartment Hannah and I used to live in. No, it hasn't been vacant for two years; it's just chance.

So why is Bergen county my favorite county? You'd think it would be Essex (you know, the county I grew up in), right? Essex probably would have my heart, seeing as how it's followed me around for both of my ironmans (IMWI runs through Verona, WI; Lake Placid is in Essex County, NY), if not for the fact that I had my car stolen while living there. Boo Newark, you blew it for Essex County.

So, what do I like about Bergen County? Not too much actually. It's congested, it's not inexpensive, and some of its towns have wacky blue laws. But, Bergen County is where:
-I was living when I first met Hannah
-I was living and rowing when I won at Canadian Henley
-I was living when I met most of my post-college friends
-Hannah and I had our first apartment together (see above)
-They're building a monster of a mall, that includes a giant, indoor downhill ski run -- with any luck, I'll be gone again by the time they finish it, but it looks pretty impressive in a grotesque-Great-Wall-of-China kind of way.

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