Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coming up

I've got my event schedule pretty well worked out for the bulk of 2008... exciting! ...and new! (Just like the Love Boat.)

This might be my fullest competition schedule since college. It helps that I'm not doing a half or full ironman.

January 19 - San Angelo Trail Series 10k -- This is assuming everything works out in Tejas. That said, it wouldn't be a move if I wasn't doing an event the same weekend.
February 2 - San Angelo Trail Series 12k -- Nothing witty to say here, move along.
April 12 - Northface Endurance Challenge - Half Marathon or 50k-- We'll see what shape I'm in by the registration opening on February 2. Good shape means half marathon, great shape means 50k... poor shape means a very slow half marathon.
April 19 - Striders Duathlon (5k/18k/5k) -- Back in San Angelo. I've never done a duathlon. Should be fun. I'm opting for the shorter distance race for two reasons: 1)Hannah and I can sort of do it together, 2)That potential 50k the weekend before.
May 4 - Devilman Sprint Triathlon -- I've done the half in Cedarville, NJ for the past two years. Unlike most other people, I like the race, although I'll be doing the short course this time.
August - Super secret mystery race -- This is the all or nothing race at which I'll be putting all 110% of my eggs in the basket. I'll probably reveal it at the 11th hour. After all, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Except in this case, it's actually a sprint.
September 27- Great Eastern Endurance Run 100k -- I don't think I have anything going on that weekend; should work out nicely. I believe Hannah might even be in town.

All told, this could be my lowest cost race season ever. That is, if you ignore the flights to San Angelo to participate in a $10 race.

If anyone wants to join me for one of these, come aboard, we're expecting you.

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