Thursday, December 20, 2007


I went to a party in Hoboken this past Saturday. Now, I'm not what you'd typically consider a party-kinda-guy. Add to that the fact that this party was thrown by a bunch of Lehigh AXP guys -- who graduated high school after I had graduated from college -- and it's no surprise that I left before midnight. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice party and all, and it was good to see some college friends I haven't seen in a while... but it had run it's course for me earlier than most.

Anyway, as I was walking the 13 blocks from the party to the train station to go home, I passed all the bars. Outside of every bar was a gaggle of smokers -- looking like they were epileptic. This was on the night that north Jersey got that sleet and snow. Pretty darn cold. I couldn't fathom the need these people had to feed some addiction that it so rough on the body.

I considered all of this the next morning as I added layer after layer of polypro so that I could do my planned run outside.

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