Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter of Adventure!

With Hannah in Texas, all I could see ahead of me for the coming months was a grim, grey, godforsaken (well, not really, but it was a "g-word" that's a synonym for "lonely") winter.

But all that changed when I hit upon what's getting me down (aside from the obvious Hannah being in Texas) -- I get bored in the winter. So, to remedy that, I've decided to get out of town.

Every weekend that I'm not flying down to Texas, I plan to get outside. Some weekends that might just mean some trail runs or hikes somewhere in NJ (provided there's no snow). But if there is snow... man, I've got some plans that are just downright exciting. If Hannah can drive three hours to Austin to go to Macy's when she's bored, I can drive two hours to PA or NY to revel in some wintery goodness.

I mean, I've got most of the clothing that will get me through. And I'll be able to put those packs to good use. The only things I'm short are a few fun items, and some impenetrable gloves (yay for Christmas!).

I've turned around my entire mood about this coming winter. That's a good thing.

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