Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now I've done it...

For a while now (at least for the last 10 months), I've been operating on the belief that I haven't been fit enough to actually do any damage to myself in training. Sure, I could always be negligent in stretching and let myself get too tight or I could always get a freak injury. But I was confident that in a race or tougher workout, if I was pushing too hard, my body would just shut itself down before I could do anything really bad to myself.

Well, those days are behind me now. I'm officially fit enough to hurt myself. I ran entirely too hard on the track last week for entirely too long and left myself sore for days. That was new.

A further injustice that resulted from my new level of fitness is that all my usual running routes are too short now.

These are both foreign concepts to me. While I suppose they could be considered pretty cool and mean I'm actually getting faster, they result in a terrible inconvenience.

Incidentally, I'm still slow, just not as slow as before. And now it's likely I'll get lost or blow myself up.

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