Monday, January 14, 2008

Eating "healthy"

Last week's training derailment also meant a nutritional breakdown -- too much fast food, white rice, deep-fried Twinkie-topped DevilDogs, etc. Part of that was because I didn't go food shopping for last week, so I was left scrounging through the pantry (or buying food on the day).

Normally I eat pretty well, mainly because I try to stick to the best piece of grocery shopping advice I ever received: shop around the outside of the store. Because I was feeling a little glum on Saturday, I figured I'd get myself some kind of treat from the supermarket. But because I didn't want to repeat my week of poor nutrition, I opted to "treat" myself in the organic section.

This typically results in something good, although a little odd. Hannah had once bought some type of Kashi cereal that was quite tasty, although because it had the consistency of rocks, you needed to let it soak in milk for 30 minutes to avoid breaking a tooth. I thought I'd be adventurous, so I bought some of this:

I tried it yesterday. Unfortunately, it tasted like this:

In my opinion, it's a sad breakfast when the only thing to look forward to with each spoonful is the milk.

However, because it cost $100 for a 1 oz package, I will finish it, although I'll likely try adding berries or yogurt or some other cereal.

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Joe said...

So that's basically Jesus Crispies you tried to eat. And of course it tasted like gravel. It's breakfast cereal concocted to remind you of our Lord's sufferieng onthe cross. Where he suffered for 3 hours, you only have to suffer through a bowl at a time.