Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Jersey?

My calves have been feeling a bit worked the last few days, so I figured I'd give them a little rest and went for a hike today up in Ramapo Mountain State Forest. It's always nice to be reminded of what New Jersey has to offer if you're willing to take a short drive (less than 30 minutes to Ringwood State Park for me -- where I parked and started my walk).

Of course, my calves got no rest, as the entire trail was over rocks and roots and seemingly went straight up. Still a nice couple hours though.

At one point the trail I was on merged with the Cannonball Run trail. For those that aren't up on their NJ history, the Cannonball trail is the route Washington's troops used to move munitions during the Revolutionary War. Kinda neat.

About halfway through my trip, I emerged from the woods to an opening where (I figure) the trees were cleared so a gas line could be inserted. In any event, the trail went right...
...but I wanted to know what I'd be able to see from the highest point around, which was left. So, I went left up the hill.

Almost there...
And there you go: New Jersey. You can wander around in the woods for well over an hour, but you can always find a highway.

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